NOOK GlowLight Plus

I’m back!

Sorry to for the delay.  Teaching, going to school, and training for a marathon…you’d be surprised how little time you have to blog.  But don’t think I’ve forgotten, it’s all unintentional neglect.

Now with that settled, let’s talk books!  I love reading, always have, hence my English literature major in college.  Summer is the best time for to allot to my readings, and I get really delve in and become devoted to literature.  I go through phases of what I’m into.  On the top of my list for the last two or so years have been biographical pieces as well as fantasy (not sci-fi though, sorry).

Last year I looked into investing in an e-reader because I didn’t find it ideal reading on my iPad.  Granted, I have read, and probably will still read on it because Apple does get some pretty top-notch exclusive pieces, but I needed something to emulate the physical book reading experience a lot more. E-ink is easier on the eyes and really does allow me to escape the regular tableted world.  I yearned for something minimalistic because it would be great to read a novel without getting push notifications or without the yearning for checking my email or my social networking sites.  I have looked a while back at the Amazon Kindle (at varying models, too many list), and models of the Barnes & Noble Nook, including the first round of the GlowLight.  I was leaning more towards the Nook side because they have dominated my book purchases for a while, and therefore I had accumulated many deals with them, including my active educator discount.

I knew I needed a backlight for my e-reader and the first generation of the Nook GlowLight seemed to offer that, until I did some investigating.  The reviews weren’t stellar, so I decided to hold off on my search and that my iPad or actual printed books would need to suffice.  Then came the GlowLight Plus, which fixed many of the reservations that had initially kept me from buying the first generation one.

I’ve had it with me for about 5 months and it has been time well spent.  I hope we get more acquainted this summer.  My favorite features include the fact that it is lightweight, simple, and the opposite of my iPad, fulfilling those needs I was initially looking for.

The charge will last you a long time for sure, and while cases in the B&N store itself can get quite pricey, look to eBay for some cost-cutting options that will also add personalization.

As a note, the books I have on it are books I have purchased, but I plan to take advantage of its library-compatilable feature so I can borrow books as well (another money saver!).


Pros: Lightweight, easy on your vision, backlight, accepts different eBook formats such as epub and PDF

Possible cons: Exclusive to B&N

More information or to purchase:



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