Unexpected Update

I went to the Apple Store today under the need that my iPod Nano’s screen had cracked.  I had dropped in the parking lot of a track where I enjoy running.  What I thought was a light drop turned out being glass shattering, and I had to go in and have it replaced.

Well given that the most recent Apple announcements this past Monday, I knew some new things were going to be on display when I went in, but I knew what I wasn’t looking for either.  I didn’t see any 9″ iPad Pro models on display yet, even though they’re on sale on the site, but I know I’m not ready for it…yet.  I’m very content with my iPad Air 2…for now at least.

But my eyes were directed towards the new nylon Apple Watch bands, and alas, found the one I had eyed from the announcement.  I am now the owner of the black nylon band with the space gray stainless steel buckle.

See the unpacking and my first moments with it:


Because it’s nylon and not plastic like the sports band, this band breathes really well.  It feels light, yet durable, and even though I’m not huge on the color vibrant options, the more neutral ones, in my opinion, look great.

Excellent way for Apple to add more individualization to their devices, I’m really pleased with my purchase.  The other new options look great too, don’t know about the price tags to be honest, but they sure look sharp.

Find yours: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MM9R2/38mm-gold-red-woven-nylon


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