iPod Nano, Definitely Worthy of its own Post

Just came from a run with my iPod Nano, which I love.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that it is a go to device for me, and I stand by it.  I don’t enjoy running with my iPhone unless I absolutely have to, like at a race event.  You get 16 gigs of Apple awesomeness at a cost-friendly 149 dollars.



The main pro is that even though it’s not a wi-fi enabled device and doesn’t run standard iOS apps from the App Store, it is preloaded with anything you would need from this type of iPod.  16GB is pretty generous for music when you consider that the music library design aligns from those like an iPod Touch or iPhone.  The music menu looks great, and if you so choose, aside from the standard headphone/auxiliary port, you can also connect to Bluetooth headphones/speakers.  So you’re music experience is set.


Working Out:

If you already use the great Nike+ portal or app, then this is the perfect device for you.  Nike+ is already preinstalled and syncs well via cable to your computer to Nike+ to sync your info.  Make sure to calibrate your runs to get better accuracy.


Why I Use It:

  1. It’s portable, so much easier to carry than my iPhone, especially for a run
  2. The value, I feel more comfortable running with my Nano than my pricier iPhone
  3. The accessories, usually slim too
  4. Memory, more than enough gigs to add your pumped up workout tunes
  5. The battery life is great, usual of Apple devices that don’t have too many bells and whistles


Accessories I love using with it:

  1. Agent 18 Clear iPod Nano Case: http://www.agent18.com/collections/ipod-nano-7th-gen/products/ipod-nano-7-gen-clipshield-clear
  2. Belkin Sports Armband (with a key holder!): http://www.bestbuy.com/site/belkin-easefit-plus-armband-for-7th-generation-apple-ipod-nano-blacktop/6905317.p?id=1218812308585
  3. I use and older 30-pin iPhone dock to charge it, but used the Apple Lightning Adapter to use with the Nano, but added the much needed Flybridge adapter for back support of the device, totally needed and worth it: http://flybridge.co/shop/flybridge-dock-adapter

iPod Nano (the colors now align with the new iPod Touch line): http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipod/ipod-nano


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