Apple Watch Casing: Lessons Learned

I’m all about protecting my tech.  Devices are an investment, an it’s easy to forget how much the devices cost when they become part of our daily routines.  As much of an early adopter as I am, I do set aside the pros and cons of my monetary commitment to a product.  In this example I’ll use the newest of my devices, my Apple Watch, which I wrote about in my last post.

Upon purchasing it, I set out to find the right wristbands for switching between work wear and when I go running.  I also set out for cases.  I knew I didn’t want to see anything as thick as a some I had seen which were too heavy-looking to make the watch seem sleek and took away from the engineering beauty of the Apple Watch.  Something like this was what I kept coming across, and it was too bulky for my taste:

I then thought I hit it just right when I bought the Griffin Ultra Thin Case, but buyer beware, this did not experience the fate I had hoped for at all.


I spent 15 dollars at Best Buy on this set of three cases and the options were silver, clear, and gold, all plastic of course.  While they looked attractive and slim, they sure didn’t last long.  In a very short time I managed to have all three fall off of the watch, yes FALL OFF, like they were made of butter.  I had lost the first one, the clear one, on a Disneyland trip.  I didn’t think much of losing it because the rides can be vigorous at times, and I’ve had sunglasses not survive the Matterhorn, so I wasn’t going to blame this case if it didn’t either.  The second one , the silver, I lost on a weekend out of town.  It could’ve happened anytime in the day, but my speculation began to grow.  I then went on to the third gold option, which I wasn’t too crazy about because I don’t like gold so much for myself, but I thought “what the heck, I have the case here, might as well.”  Well the third fell off at some time during a typical work day.  I teach, so it’s not like I’m laying bricks at my worksite, so at this point I had solidified how disappointed I was with these cases, especially coming from Griffin.  This is the same company that makes iPad Survivor cases where it takes a team of wrestlers just to remove the rubber exterior and tight-plastic casing from a a device.

While nice in looks, the cases failed in that there was nothing reinforcing their hold on the Apple Watch.  After some investigating I found that many of the positively reviewed cases took advantage of the backing of the watch by using it in their designs, not the Griffin’s snap-on approach.  So I made the purchase of i-Blason’s TPU Apple Watch cases and I could not be happier with my Apple Watch’s casing investment.


The attractive minimal cardboard package houses five cases: blue, pink, black, green, and clear…they’re like little shiny little Power Rangers.  I’m currently using the black one, given my Space Gray metal and its ability to match that.  These cases are fantastic!  Their rubbery feel makes them easy to apply, but apply so well the watch definitely feels protected.  It also allows that sleekness that lets it blend it well with the Sports style band and has easy button access, including for switching the wristbands.  I’ve gone out with my watch and ran a vigorous four miles today, and it did not budge at all.  And why would it?  It is a well designed case that does that key feature of taking advantage of the back of the Apple Watch as part of its application.

You get beauty, protection, and durability with this case, Osc approved.  Protect your investments, and protect them right.

To purchase the iBlason TPU Apple Watch Cases:


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