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Welcome to 2016!

Did my first race for the new year with some new tech toys I got during the holidays, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine my love of running and wirelessness.

Apple Watch Sport


While I could go in-depth about the Apple Watch, I know many have done this already.  However, coming from a technology perspective alongside being a Nike+ avid user, might offer a valuable point of view. When I go to the gym for regular runs, I use my iPod Nano (which may deserve its own future post) and my PowerBeats2 (from my initial fitness post).  But during race events, out of obligation of wanting piece of mind if I were to need  help in the middle of an unknown track to just be a call away, I do run with my phone and an armband (also referenced in my initial fitness post) alongside those same headphones.

I made the decision to purchase an Apple Watch because I love tracking my runs, especially via Nike+, but would prefer to stop/start my runs from my wrist rather than awkwardly reaching through my arm, punching in my passcode because I can’t Touch ID through the plastic in the my band and start pushing buttons at an weird angle right before my feet get going because the race has started.  Also, running accountability via tracking sure keeps one motivated.  While the watch itself comes with its own tracking features, I prefer the Nike+ route because I have quite a history there.


I loaded Nike+ onto the watch, and because it’s the watch version, it has the basics of the iPhone version, but definitely gets the job done.  I can start and finish the run from my wrist and I get milage updates through my headphones without having to inconveniently interact with my phone.  While convenient, there are more features I would enjoy from both the watch and the Nike+ app on it, which could easily be achieved with simple updates.  The first one would be for Nike+ on the watch to have an option on the type of run one chooses to track.  It wasn’t until after I ran my New Year’s race, that I realized the first Nike+ run I tracked on the watch didn’t GPS map it because it defaulted to a treadmill run.  Note: that it’s not that the watch can’t GPS track a run, but you have to make sure that it’s set on your phone before pressing start on the wrist.  Lastly, I would love it, and find it baffling that Apple didn’t allow Nike+ to do so, but Nike+ on the watch should access the watch’s heart rate information.  I find it baffling because Nike+ paved the way for fitness tracking within Apple with shoe sensors and its prominence in early iPod touch and nano models.  Don’t forget where you came from Apple.  Although it’s nice to still have that information on the watch from the native apps, Nike+ definitely has a very sophisticated platform across all other devices which should be emulated on the watch.

PowerBeats2 Wireless


I bit the bullet and got the wireless version of the headphones I reviewed in the initial fitness post…and I LOVE THEM!  I used them in the same race and was so happy I did.  Though I am still faithful to my wired ones and used them in my day-to-day runs, these are great for racing events.  I didn’t have to think about the wires, they definitely have the sporty feel and look, and in typical Beats fashion, sound amazing.  I approve!



Apple Watch, Sport Edition (note: I purchased the black band version, in the space gray aluminum, the green band was one I purchased on Amazon through a third party):

PowerBeats2 Wireless:

p.s. I still use my Fitbit One, but with the clip, to continue to track my steps


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