iOS Karma: A Tale of a Recovered Device

I want to first off dedicate this blog post to my friends whom I met in South Korea in 2010, Julie & Jason, who are living in Italy (again) right now with their baby Xavier…their story to follow after mine.

On Saturday December 12th, a little over a week ago, I ran one part of a set of races called the Snowflake Challenge at the LA Fairplex, the fairgrounds where the LA County Fair takes place when it’s in season.  The first part was a 5k race, with a half marathon the following day on Sunday.  After the race on Saturday, I went straight home to rest and shower.  I parked my car on the street near my place, and I collected my items like my phone, backpack, cooler for my water bottles, and my iPod Touch…or so I thought.

I got home and unloaded all of my items out of my arms.  I was getting ready to hop in the shower, but not without playing the tunes in my iPod Touch.  I shuffled around my items as I looked for it.  A pocket here, a backpack there, even the cooler, but alas found nothing.  It was weird because I could’ve sworn I had brought it with me from my car, but no biggie, I could have easily left it in my car without bringing it like I had thought.  So I went to my car, not there, came back home, not there, gave my car a good search inside & out, and gave my place a good search inside & out…nothing, nada, zero, zilch.

Then I started investigating the ground that was the trail between my front door and my car, still no results.  About 40 minutes had passed in these searches with no results, and I’m sure my post-race sweat aura was only becoming more pungent.  I finally said to myself that it would show up, and if it didn’t, well then that’s just the way that cookie was going to crumble.  I wouldn’t have been annoyed by the missing item itself, it’s a tangible collection of glass, plastic, and wires, I’d survive. The annoyance would come from the time it took to add 10,000+ songs onto a device.

So I showered a songless shower, put on some sweats, and decided to take a nap and hoped that the universe would let this unravel on its own.  30 minutes into dozing off, I heard my phone ring and it was my mom.  She asked me if I had lost an iPod earlier.  I thought it was weird, and shouted a huge “Yes!”  As it turns out, someone found my iPod around my place, contacted my mom, was in the area, and wanted to return the iPod to me.  I was stoked!  After I got the guy’s number from my mother, I called him, put on some shoes, met him up, and he returned my iPod to me right before, luckily, he was about to leave town.

So I asked him if he found it on the street, and he said he didn’t.  Someone  left it on the sunroof of his car, possibly thinking he had dropped it from his car, instead of me from my car.  This other person put it on his sunroof, and when he noticed it was there, he saw my contacts, and figured the one labeled as “Mom” was the safest and more secure bet to call.  We were in front of a convenience store so I offered to buy him something for his troubles, and he wasn’t having it, just a genuinely nice guy.

I have two people to thank.  First off, thank you to the person who first picked up the iPod and instead of putting it in their pocket, put it on that sunroof.  Secondly, thank you to the man who returned it to me and really looked out for me by calling my mom and made sure it got back to its rightful owner.

I thought this would be a nice story to share considering it’s close to the holidays and just to point out that there are decent respectable people out there on the planet.


On that note, I wanted to highlight my friends Julie & Jason, because while they were living in Italy during a previous phase in their lives, they lost an iPod Touch on a flight.  Instead of songs, what they valued most about it was that it included many pictures of their son and their lives in Italy. While they were not able to recover their device, they definitely came to mind when this happened to me.

I still hope they find their iOS karma:


Their Story:



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