iOS Winter

We are now well into December and I’m sure you’re feeling the cold.  In the midst of the cold, we try our best to stay warm via thicker socks, scarfs, hoods, hats, and coats.

Your Ears

Amongst these body parts I try to cover up in frigid temperatures, my ears are usually the first thing that freeze for me.  They turn red as soon as they “see” snow.  While earmuffs do the job, there’s no reason why your winter wear can’t be tech friendly.  Years ago, from a store I cannot recall when I was teaching abroad in South Korea, I bought the best earmuffs ever.


These earmuffs have holes next to the earpieces made of material similar to that of a speaker filter.  The idea is that you can keep your ears warm, make calls on your phone, and not have to remove your earmuffs.  The calls come through extremely clear, and even though I cannot locate these earmuffs for you exactly, I can sure try, thanks Google.  Granted, since mine were made, Bluetooth technology is now the earmuff tech standard:


Gloves, Your Mini Styli

I’ve had gloves while trying to use my phone and have taken them off, put them back on, and have taken them off in a chilly continual cycle.  Well no more! If I had to recommend some iOS-friendly (and overall touchscreen) friendly gloves, they are these.  These are extremely reasonable, about four bucks for a pair, and have thumb and index finger tips to make them usable with your phone.  What I especially like about these gloves, Merona’s Men’s Cement Marled Gloves, is that they stay on the hand pretty firmly, so I haven’t found myself really having to readjust them as I’ve read in the reviews of other gloves.


Light in the Darkness

Emergencies are something that we all try to avoid and hope never happen to us.  But alas, they are a reality, and it’s smart to be prepared, no matter the season.  With an El Niño storm on its way here and other winter weather situations happening nationally and internationally, allow me to make a recommendation of something that should be in your kit.  It’s a flashlight.  But it’s not just any flashlight, this is the right one for anyone.  Brookstone’s Astro Flashlight Lantern is a great find I came across as a gift that I am grateful I received.  It’s a flashlight, it’s a lantern, it’s extremely bright with a 10,000 hour bulb life, and it is extremely compact and about three inches. It also comes in an array of colors, I have the blue one.


As a lantern
As a flashlight


Stay warm & stay safe.


Big news: Got an Apple Watch today, expect that post soon enough…of course, after I’ve settled



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