iPhone Smart Battery Case

So this product hasn’t been out very long, and to be quite frank, didn’t get quite the promotion I think it deserves.  I really only found out about from a video I saw iJustine do yesterday about the case: https://youtu.be/nV1YsNLIm2Y

Granted, it only works for the iPhone 6 and 6s and nothing with the word Plus in it and comes in charcoal and white, I bought the charcoal gray one. The idea here is that it serves the purpose of both being a case and a power pack in your phone, all the while keeping the charger of the case native to the lightning cable.  Many 3rd party cases that do this use a micro USB charger, which is why I don’t use them.  I also picked the charcoal color because like iJustine said, the black Apple logo on the white case just didn’t look right, and not very Apple-y.

Below are some images of my unpacking alongside some of my thoughts on the case.  Note that I’ve been the proud owner of this case for one whole hour.





Battery aside, this case is extremely sturdy, the phone really feels protected



The iPhone also slides in & out quite easily



The awesome new lock screen when you charge the phone via the case



Fits perfectly on existing docks and has a very discreet status light to indicate charging status, whether the iPhone is plugged in or not

Only downside: the headphone jack doesn’t have an extension to the outside of the case.  You’d have to use the EarPods, and nothing with an “L” shaped jack to use headphones with the case.  According to rumors, Apple is working on Lightning headphones, here’s hoping.


Since I referenced iJustine earlier, she posted an Apple product pyramid of hers, so I thought I’d post mine.



Happy holiday shopping!

Apple Smart Battery Case: http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MGQL2/iphone-6s-smart-battery-case-charcoal-gray?fnode=42


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