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It’s been a while, but this one is with good reason as well.  I just came back from an amazing trip to DC.  As I was flying back, I thought this trip would make a great blog post for the techies.

While going about the US Capitol, White House, Smithsonians, and countless awe-inspiring memorials, I used many tools in my arsenal that made the trip that much more amazing.  I’ve noted them below for your review.

The Selfie Stick


Many thoughts come from the selfie stick, and I know they’re not all positive.  But when it comes to travel, especially in highly populated areas and landmarks, it sure comes in handy.  People are really into taking their own pics in front of these monuments, and it adds less stress when you’re your own walking photographer.  While prohibited in indoor areas, like museums, it is quite understandable why they’ve become unwanted there.  People can get caught up, and the stick can get caught in things and jeopardize something expensive.  I was there the day the selfie stick became prohibited at the Disneyland Resort because someone got it caught on the California Screamin’ coaster…ruined it for the rest of us.  Back to the pros though, it is great also for shooting video from a distance.  While I got this one as a gift, I can’t tell you where it was purchased, but they’re easy to come by.  But a piece of advice is to get one with the Bluetooth controller.  Some use headphones to use as the camera clicker, but the Bluetooth controller makes it easy to not try to put away, take out, untangle and set up for just a couple of shots. The controller also convenient ties itself to the stick, so it’ll always be attached.  Again, it’s a great to use in places where people are very busy taking pictures and finding a friendly photographer to capture them.  I will say, I did get some people saying around me “I wish I had brought my selfie stick” or “we need to get one of those.”  Just like when I was taking this pic of me in front of the White House:


Powering Up


Power packs are our friends! I can’t travel without one now.  Heck, if I know I’ll be away from my place for a while, I’ll carry one around too, like when I go to one of my runs.  They are small, convenient to carry, and especially after all the picture taking, are a great way to juice up the phone. I’m currently using a Soundlogic XT 2600mAh (charges quickly!) and a Belkin Power Pack (stores flat).

IMG_0317 2

With charging on the go, I don’t like fumbling with a long USB cable, so now I use the MIXIT Lighting to USB keychain for my iPhone.  It stores flat, or rings into a keychain or zipper end very conveniently.  Alongside a power pack, charging becomes something compact.

Charging While Resting


Also from Belkin, I also use the BOOT UP 12 Watt charger, which charges devices up to 40% faster than the factory cable and brick.  I think this worked well because while I was going between my iPhone, iPod and iPad, all charging quickly in my hotel, and only having packed the one charger for my entire trip.

I had a blast on my trip, many tweets from it can be seen from my Twitter feed below.  Enjoy this shopping season as the holidays approach, and choose your tech wisely.

Soundlogic XT Power Cell:

Belkin Power Pack:

Lightning to USB Keychain:

Boost Up Home Charger:



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