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My apologies for not posting sooner, but aside from the regular life responsibilities (teaching, working, going to school for myself, etc.) I embarked on getting ready to run my first half marathon!  It was this past Sunday, and as I prepare to run a 5K tomorrow, I figured this would be the perfect outlet to combine my love of tech with my appreciation for running.  The half marathon was great, and I was more prepared for it than I thought.

Osc Running
My happiness as I’m on my last mile of the 12 I had already ran.

Using your iPhone:

I decided to describe the best tools in my running arsenal.  Though I usually use my iPod Nano when I run at the gym or on my block, I do use my iPhone when I go on a race.  First tip, place your phone on Do Not Disturb!  It’s the best thing you can do to keep from getting calls or texts.  It’s not a great sound to be in the zone and getting into your playlist when you hear the “ding ding” of a pending text.  It can wait until you cross the finish line, and it’s nice to really get into your 90’s power songs for inspiration.  I use my iPhone for the races instead of my iPod because of the practicality of having a phone, but also because I like for my Nike Plus app to track the track (pun intended).  I run my races in a variety of locations, so since they’re places outside of my routine running, I like to go back and look at what I just did.  Using the Nike Plus app also allows you to share an image with your stats on your social media, something I like doing for myself to validate my fitness decisions.  It also helps in pumping me up and not being so much like “Why do I do this to myself?”  It’s nice to see my pic when I get my medal and at the finish line, and the fact that I tend to run with some of my best friends doesn’t hurt. Nike Plus is great when it comes to accuracy and tracking your pace, weather conditions, personal records, and other useful statistics.

iPhone tracking a run on the Nike Plus App
iPhone tracking a run on the Nike Plus App
app pic
Collage made using the PicPlayPost and Nike Plus apps

The Right Band:

I really like Belkin armbands, and for my iPhone I use the Belkin Slim-Fit Plus Armband.  It has a minimalist design, which is great so you’re lighter when you run.  It’s also steady, and I never think about the strong velcro undoing itself mid-run, or ever.

iPhone with Belkin Slim-Fit Armband (blue)
iPhone with Belkin Slim-Fit Armband (blue)

Because I also don’t cary my wallet when I run, this armband in particular doubles as a wallet as it has a card slot to keep you from carrying other items, and fits a flat key well.

Wallet pocket of Belkin Armband
Wallet pocket of Belkin Armband


While EarPods are great for reading, studying, and taking calls, I personally don’t think they’re great high-motion headphones.  I use Beats powerbeats2 for a number of reasons.  The first is that you get the high quality sound Beats is known for, but you get great features as well.  The first is the remote works perfectly with anything native to iOS, and for high motion, I do like that the buds have a hook which keeps the headphones in place no matter what your activity is.  I’ve found these to be the most comfortable and it doesn’t hurt that they’re water and sweat resistant.

powerbeats2 headphones
powerbeats2 headphones

In the area of fitness, I’m still growing, so I’m open to suggestions if you have any!


Nike+ iOS app:

PicPlayPost iOS app:

Belkin Slim-Fit Plus Armband:

Beats by Dre powerbeats:–Ear-Headphone-Black/dp/B00ETI20VG/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1445406699&sr=8-9&keywords=powerbeats2


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