iPad Air 2 & a Few iOS 9 Thoughts

iPad Air 2 on home screen

With talk about the iPad Pro dominating the Twitterverse, let’s not discount its predecessor, the iPad Air 2.  Will I go Pro?  Not likely.  I definitely see the value of having a Pro, but not being of the graphic design/studio work background, I think it is more apt for those in that field.

I really enjoy my Air 2, especially now with the integration of those iOS 9 features.  My new favorite? The toolbox integrated into the Mail app.  Just the other day, I had to sign a PDF document and shoot it back at the sender.  I got to not only sign the document, but also save my favorite signature for future use, and all without leaving the Mail app.  It’s like having a mini-Notability.

iPad Air 2 Lockscreen
iPad Air 2 Lockscreen

I’m not totally sold yet on the split-screen.  While I see its value, I hope they extend the invitation to apps other than the native ones I am only allowed to use at the moment.

Back to the iPad.  The iPad is definitely light and sleeker.  This was a huge update for me, considering the one I had prior to this was a 3rd generation iPad with the 30-pin connector.  The HD one experiences through videos from YouTube or Vimeo is so clear, very comparable to HDTV services.

I tend to use my camera as a document camera when I teach, and the clarity of the projection, when Air Played via an Apple TV, is extremely high quality.  However, I do miss knowing the specs from the device itself like the etched out memory capacity on the back.  It may not have served any real purpose, but as someone who has a lot of devices come to his desk, it was a great reference for checking the specifications of my students.

Case-wise, I’ve enjoyed the native Smart Cover (http://www.apple.com/shop/product/MGXL2ZM/A/ipad-air-smart-cover-green) but with a Snap Shield type of backing (many styles can be found online from various vendors).

iPad with Smart Cover
iPad with Smart Cover

iPad Air 2

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, image quality from both display and camera

Cons: To take advantage of the image quality, having a screen protector, even a clear one, isn’t ideal.  I still recommend casing it, but I found myself removing any type of screen protector because it does show how crisp a photo or video truly is.

iPad Air 2: http://www.apple.com/ipad-air-2/


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