Beats By Dr. Dre Solo HD

Beats headphones

Dr. Dre and his Beats collection have definitely dominated the headphone market for quite a while, as Apple has with its phones and music devices and tables and computers and…(you see where I’m going with this). This was my first pair of Beats, and I want to say I purchased them about a year ago.

My big sell, the color.  This shade of green, which you’ll get to know as I keep blogging, is my favorite color, and this Solo HD line was the only one that offered it.  There are other shades of green in other Beats products, bit by being the goal driven person that I am, I wanted this particular line of the product in this particular color.

Beats box
the packaging

While there is the drive of wanting one of the many Bluetooth models available, there is an aversion I have to just buying anything because it has Bluetooth.  The reality stands that for as many devices as I own, there are definitely not enough outlets for me to charge them all at my disposal.  It’s nice to know that while my iPod can die from excessive use, that my headphones can’t too.

The headphones come in pristine packaging with items such as booklets, to a cleaning cloth, to a very well built carrying case. The headphones themselves also fold with one hinge by each earpiece to make them more compact within the case.

headphones in carrying case
headphones in carrying case

Now the headphones themselves have the great sound quality I was expecting.  However, I sometimes get sucked into a realm of music, and while well into listening to a playlist I start to think my Beats are not loud enough, but when I remove them momentarily, I then take notice of all the sounds they were blocking out and how they were doing a solid job the whole time. Mind you, they are not official noise canceling headphones, but they do the trick.

Beats headphones
Beats headphones

The headphones are both light and sturdy in feel.  They’re not bulky to carry, but you know based on the quality that they’re going to last you a long while.  It comes with a special auxilaurary cord, which is detachable from both the headphones and the device’s ends.  The cord has the very iOS friendly controls for volume up/down, skip forward/backward, pause/play, and microphone capabilities that native Apple EarPods have.  The auxilaurary cord can be its own self standing product, which I have certain feelings about (keep reading).

All in all, I have been very satisfied with my Beats headphones.

Pros: quality feel, cleaning cloth, carrying case, exceptional sound…and the color!

Cons: the aux cord, because it detaches from both ends, sometimes I find myself moving my arm the wrong way and it coming off from the headphone end (not ideal when busting a move…believe me)

To purchase (with a manufacturer discount at the time of this post):


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