Fitbit One (the first post!)

Fitbit One with Wristband

I own a Fitbit Charge and chances are that you’ll see me wearing it.  However, since its purchase, it’s undergone some owner abuse, but the good people at Fitbit true to their warranty sent me a brand-spankin’ new one.  I didn’t open the new Fitbit Charge package right away.  I decided to wait until my current one was on its last possible limbs before I opened that package of the new one. And….well…yesterday was that last limb date.  It fell off during a typical gym day run, luckily it was still wrapped around my wrist to some extent, so I didn’t have to pause my workout as I tried to “save” it.

While I was in the midst of this Fitbit Charge usage situation some months ago, my workplace was taking part in a health program, in which after the completion of some steps, one could attain a Fitbit as a reward.  As an already owner, and with my options being between a Flex and a One, I chose the One.  Why?  I already had a wearable for my wrist, two at the time in fact, that could tell time, tell me how many floors I climbed, PLUS lets me know on my wrist who is calling me on my phone, many times before my actual phone does…and the Flex did none of those pluses.  In comparison, I chose the One because it was the closest thing I had to my current product, but that I could use in a new way…as not a watch.  My Charge was great, but then I’d hate it when my tracking would end because I had to dress up for an event and I would want to wear a “grown up” watch.  The One would allow me to track my steps via the included clip attachment and no one would be the wiser.

fitbit one
Fitbit One with clip attachment

Now let’s talk about the One itself (side thought: saying the words “the” and “one” next to each other makes me feel like I am writing about a lost soulmate I found).  The item itself is one I am very pleased with.  In the Fitbit platform (mainly the iOS app), it syncs information much faster than my Charge did.  Because I lost the Charge yesterday, which functioned as my main wristwatch, I now wear the One as my watch because, YES, it tells time!  If you search eBay well, you’ll find vendors who will sell wristbands for the One.  This allows for individualizing the wearable as most do with the Flex. And I still have the option of clipping it in my pocket if I so choose to.

Fitbit One with Wristband
Fitbit One with a white wristband
Fitbit One wristbands
My wristband collection (as they came in one cool eBay package)

What works well for me is that I’m motivated by the actions of others.  In the gym, seeing others run hard motivates me to run harder.  In a library or coffee shop, seeing others pull all-nighters pushed me to work harder for an A.  Now on the Fitbit platform, seeing my friends walk longer distances, makes me want to increase my step count.  That feeling of an active community of people you know is definitely a plus of having any Fitbit.

Pros: being able to personalize with wristbands (which a Charge or Charge HR do not allow you to do), counts steps/floors/calories/distance and tracks sleep, charges quickly (lasts about a week), and gives you an in into the Fitbit community

Cons: no bluetooth call warnings, and unlike the Charge, it doesn’t vibrate when you hit your step goal

Note: the One comes with a cloth wristband so that people who do not buy the unofficial wristbands can use it to track their sleep.  Personally, I don’t use it because I don’t like wear accumulating on a porous material, unlike plastic, which just wipes off.

Note 2: Yes, that Fitbit Charge I got as part of the warranty is still in mint condition inside its original packaging. I’m not sure if/when I’ll revert.

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