lightning connector cable

Hello there! So you’ve come across my blog, and now you’ve come across my first post.  Though not officially a post like the one I will have in the near future, I did want to introduce you to the nature of my site.  I’m a teacher and I’m a technologist.  Check out my About section for some quick info about who I am and what I’m about.

This site is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, especially after I found my focus.  I have other items I update for myself through tweets, status updates, other professional sites, and a personal blog I run as well.  But I wanted to do something outside of me that I thought would interest others, and that was my interest in technology.  I’ve been a technology fan since I can remember, and I can still visualize my family’s first computer, a Tandy laptop, in front of me in all of its MS-DOS goodness.

There is an educator side to me that sees technology used everyday at all grade levels, and though once I tried to start an education technology site, but it didn’t pan out the way I had hoped.  In this case, the consumer of electronics that I am decided to take the initiative on this site.  While I may include posts occasionally that relate to education, I really wanted to make this about things I use such as tablets, phones, music players, wearables, and of course, computers.  Do I love modern technology? Yes.  However, note that I also have some “oldies but goodies” that I stand by.  And while I sit here and contemplate what the first item will be that I will share about, I did want to give you all a welcome, a welcome to theosctech.



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